Friday, November 12, 2010

Not enough hours in the day...

We or I rather can take a deep breath after getting the boutique open last week....on the other hand that doesn't mean it's relax to the sofa either. Today's plan is to get some of my house re-organized and get ready for the Holidays. Just one more week until the kids are out of school and I get to see my baby again....well, she's not really a baby anymore. She is about to be 18 and extremely talented. ( I wonder who she gets that from?) Britt can draw anything by simply looking at it, and actually her's ends up better than the original....more detailed.
We have some canvas pieces to work on and can't wait to share her artwork.

In addition to the other things I design...I dabble in floral designs too!! The Holiday season really peaks my talents because I can be overkill on the home decorating. I want my children to cherish the memories that I am creating for their futures. Break out the homemade cookies, decorations and let the sparkle begin!!

I am not sure if any of my designs will be at our boutique....but you may contact me if you like any of my examples shown.


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