Sunday, August 17, 2008

Help... Against Domestic Violence

Yes, I have been busy these past few months. The position I had for the last couple of years was eliminated following a company buy out. Leaving a single mom having a hard time trying to make ends meet to provide for 4 children. It ain't easy sister...let me tell you!! I have had to swallow my pride and rely on government assistance...or starve to death. My ex-husband is a year behind in child support, and getting help from the State has been nothing but a series of headaches and disappointments. After filing in May, and calling everytime they "do" something, a demand for payment has been set in October for "him" to appear in court. Please pray for a miracle~either pay the years' worth of support or relinquish his rights!!

Despite all the financial difficulties, I remain positive (through lots & lots of prayer)!! And somehow I make it thru every month. Looking for a real job, has turned up hopeless...really hard to find anything that will pay enough, let alone even get a call for an interview for a $6.00/hr position.

Only God knows what is in my future and I rely on my faith for guidance. For those who don't know me former husband was very abusive~mental and physical. After 12 years and each day getting worse, the day he laid a finger on my child~out the door he went. I didn't care how we had to survive, living in a safe, non-violent home is much more important for all of us!

With all that said~my pink "Faith" candle has become the inspiration to women in my shoes to make a change in their lives. The 8 oz. Pink Cross Rhinestone Tumbler is filled with the popular fragrance of...Beautiful....because that's what we are to our children! Yes, I realize that purple represents the color for this cause~I love the color of pink because it is pure, peaceful, uplifting and represents a girl.

As of August, 15, 2008 ~ every "Faith" candle sold at my shows or onlineEtsy ~($3.00)of the profits will be donated to my local womens' shelter Genesis Shelter

Please help support women & children effected by Domestic Violence in your community...we really need your help.

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countrygirl3031 said...

I stumbled upon your blog and wanted to stop and say "hi". I love your candles and I'll have to stop by your etsy shop!

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