Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas 2009

 our slim tree

Saturday Night decorating

I was invited to 2 Christmas parties last night, but my plans quickly changed by my x not being able to pick up his children.  Oh, well, what else is new. So, me and the boys stayed up late and Devin helped me go thru some more boxes to find more gingerbread men for the house.  I have been collecting them for years and this year they have finally become popular~they are everywhere. But, since there are so many new things out there, I decided not to buy anything this year~too much to choose from.

So, I hope that you enjoy viewing a few of my pics~Merry Christmas!

Santa's Elf

Every year on December 1st..Mr. Elf shows up in our home. My kids are very excited to see him arrive and look forward to this day and ask me where he might pop up at..I reply, you never know.  So, when their sleepy eyes wake up on this day...the hunt is on to find out where he is!! 

Each morning, he is in a different location~keeping a watchful eye on who has been naughty and nice.  Then on Christmas Eve..he disappears back to the North Pole to report to Santa who has been good this year!!

I love this tradition that I started many, many years ago.  And although my children are now teenagers, they still look forward to Mr. Elf's arrival.  Devin, is still young (8) and trying to hang on as long as I can to continue the spirit of Santa Clause~there is always a questionable surprise to make ALL wonder in our home. 

I welcome any of you with young children to follow this tradition~it's quite helpful and fun!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Simply Glowing Gifts Website

Good morning everyone!! Since I am now somewhat settled in my new home, it was time to get my website up and running again.  Please bare with me as I add my wares to my online boutique.  I have enough "stuff" to open up my own store.  That is my dream again to have what I had many years ago...but, it's babysteps for now.

It's cold and wet this morning~and not very encouraging to do housework.  Therefore, I have dedicated a few hours to my business. Juliet (my kitty), is cold too.  She is all snuggled up next to me as I type...she is truly an angel kitty!! I found a pic with her in the car with me~yes, she travels with me also.  Not much for being left alone at all and she will quickly let you know when shes upset.

Stop by and see what I've added... visit

Monday, December 7, 2009

Second Saturday College Street Market

Hey guys and gals...I found a new market in my area!

College Street Market located at 2101 E Market...Saint Stephens Anglican Church.  And thank goodness, it's indoors. Canton was brutal this past weekend~very cold!!

As usual we will have the hand~knitted hats and scarves, domino necklaces, new poker chip necklaces, funky chunky bracelets and more!  Please stop by and visit!!

Or shop online at:

Saturday, December 5, 2009

December Canton Trade Days

I am set up just outside the Arbors (near the red brick restrooms), row 34 , booth 377. As usual look for the tan booth with the hot pink tulle hanging in the front.  I debated upon going yesterday, it was cold!! And the outside customers didn't venture much into the outside vendor area.  Too bad...that's where the better deals are folks!!

I made some new friends (new vendors) and am going to stick it out (even though it's cold).  Stop by and see the new domino pendants and new for this month~POKER CHIP PENDANTS.  Some are designed with your initial, others are just plain cute and some even have precious stones hanging off of them~they are truly unique!! And too bad for those who missed them, they won't be around for long!!

Grabbing some hot cocoa~and out the door!! Happy Holidays!!