Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas 2009

 our slim tree

Saturday Night decorating

I was invited to 2 Christmas parties last night, but my plans quickly changed by my x not being able to pick up his children.  Oh, well, what else is new. So, me and the boys stayed up late and Devin helped me go thru some more boxes to find more gingerbread men for the house.  I have been collecting them for years and this year they have finally become popular~they are everywhere. But, since there are so many new things out there, I decided not to buy anything this year~too much to choose from.

So, I hope that you enjoy viewing a few of my pics~Merry Christmas!

Santa's Elf

Every year on December 1st..Mr. Elf shows up in our home. My kids are very excited to see him arrive and look forward to this day and ask me where he might pop up at..I reply, you never know.  So, when their sleepy eyes wake up on this day...the hunt is on to find out where he is!! 

Each morning, he is in a different location~keeping a watchful eye on who has been naughty and nice.  Then on Christmas Eve..he disappears back to the North Pole to report to Santa who has been good this year!!

I love this tradition that I started many, many years ago.  And although my children are now teenagers, they still look forward to Mr. Elf's arrival.  Devin, is still young (8) and trying to hang on as long as I can to continue the spirit of Santa Clause~there is always a questionable surprise to make ALL wonder in our home. 

I welcome any of you with young children to follow this tradition~it's quite helpful and fun!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Simply Glowing Gifts Website

Good morning everyone!! Since I am now somewhat settled in my new home, it was time to get my website up and running again.  Please bare with me as I add my wares to my online boutique.  I have enough "stuff" to open up my own store.  That is my dream again to have what I had many years ago...but, it's babysteps for now.

It's cold and wet this morning~and not very encouraging to do housework.  Therefore, I have dedicated a few hours to my business. Juliet (my kitty), is cold too.  She is all snuggled up next to me as I type...she is truly an angel kitty!! I found a pic with her in the car with me~yes, she travels with me also.  Not much for being left alone at all and she will quickly let you know when shes upset.

Stop by and see what I've added... visit

Monday, December 7, 2009

Second Saturday College Street Market

Hey guys and gals...I found a new market in my area!

College Street Market located at 2101 E Market...Saint Stephens Anglican Church.  And thank goodness, it's indoors. Canton was brutal this past weekend~very cold!!

As usual we will have the hand~knitted hats and scarves, domino necklaces, new poker chip necklaces, funky chunky bracelets and more!  Please stop by and visit!!

Or shop online at:

Saturday, December 5, 2009

December Canton Trade Days

I am set up just outside the Arbors (near the red brick restrooms), row 34 , booth 377. As usual look for the tan booth with the hot pink tulle hanging in the front.  I debated upon going yesterday, it was cold!! And the outside customers didn't venture much into the outside vendor area.  Too bad...that's where the better deals are folks!!

I made some new friends (new vendors) and am going to stick it out (even though it's cold).  Stop by and see the new domino pendants and new for this month~POKER CHIP PENDANTS.  Some are designed with your initial, others are just plain cute and some even have precious stones hanging off of them~they are truly unique!! And too bad for those who missed them, they won't be around for long!!

Grabbing some hot cocoa~and out the door!! Happy Holidays!!


Saturday, November 28, 2009

Black Friday 2009

Did you survive yesterday's Black Friday?? Well, ours started out slowly.  My mom and I spent the night at my sisters' home in to bed early to get a jump start on those sales.  But, the morning didn't go as planned.  My mother was very ill with a migraine and had to be taken home so that my dad could take her to the E.R.  My sister and I proceeded with our shopping and checked in periodically to see how what the Dr's concluded.

We scored what was left of the $2.00 video's at Walmart and the cute Twilight hoodies that were $ 7.00 each..We love the Twilight Saga!! Then it was time for Target...electronics were scarce and the sale movies were history. But, we did manage to pick up some items there~can't reveal in case my kiddo's are snooping around on mom's blog.  Best Buy was next on our tour...the sale movies (again) are gone!! Which explains why people camped out on the doorsteps the night before. Movies looked like a big hit yesterday!! T.V.s were still there, but the home theatre stuff shelves were empty. Which is what I was looking for...Santa came early for us!!! Kids will be surprised when they get home tomorrow night!! Next stop was Kirklands...that was a huge mistake!! I wanted everything for myself, but I did score some bargains for someone...

We seriously wanted to sneak off and see New Moon, but the teen girls are waiting on it's back to the house for lunch and pick up. Now, it's time for Sheplers...gotta get those Miss Me jeans!! Can you believe that they had less than 10 pairs~the biggest shopping day of the year and they have peanuts to chose from!!!! The only bargain I found was a $120.00 t-shirt...loaded with swarvoski crystals for $9.99.  What a deal!! Hello Cavenders's here we come.  They had tons of Miss Me jeans and their clearance shirts were marked down cheap, then 50% off of that!! Again, we loaded up!!

And we decided to be really brave and hit the mall~well didn't see anything there and the lines were too long. So, we left to hit some specialty boutiques and I found the cutest purse for my daughter and any Longhorn fan out there.  This was my fav find for the day!! How was your shopping experience?

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thanksgiving Week

It's sad to say that I am bored already!!! My kiddo's are gone with their fathers' house for the holiday week.  Yesterday, I purchased some new materials and spent hours designing new bracelets. They turned out so cute!!!

I also have been working on more dominoes...they are very popular.  As always, I dare to be different and it shows in my work.  The greatest compliment is that I am so talented, because I design ALL of my products.  I am the hand~made queen!!! My goal is to have another store someday, but I need help getting there.  Being a single mom is a job in itself.

This week will be dedicated to getting my items together for First Monday on Dec. 3rd-6th. Oh, there is so much to do!! I have so many knitted hats to decorate~it's not even funny!!! I could open a store with just hats and scarves!! Really....Craft stuff has taken over my house. Speaking of my house...time to plan an open house sale for December also.

Until I get my jewelry done...I have posted some pics of the hats I just completed.

Toodles for tonight!!


Remembering Christmas @ Sweet Pea's...Athens, TX

Remembering Christmas @ Sweet Pea's
From Friday, 27 November 2009
To Saturday, 28 November 2009
by  DebbieHits : 63
Friday Nov 27 4-9pm $5 admission.  A romantic evening celebrating the holiday.  Eggnog bar, fabulous food and music while you preview our stunning holiday collections.  Proceeds benefit animal rescue sharity.

Saturday Nov 28 10am-6pm.  It's Christmas morning at the Sweet Pea Collection and Winnie & Tulula's!  Hot Cider and our signature baked goodies... plus door prizes throughout the day!

Wrap up your gift shopping in an atmosphere of wonder and delight.
Location : Sweet Pea's 119 E. Tyler Athens TX 75751
Contact : 903-677-6868

Friday, November 20, 2009

Womens' knitted hats

This grey hat is absolutely my fav!!! My grandmother makes them for me to sell~I decorate with crocheted flowers, satin ribbon, adorable buttons and of course bling!! Each one is unique and are available decorated or plain jane. Our inventory continues to grow (along with matching scarves).  Sizes available from newborn (no scarf for a newborn), toddlers-child, adult.

They are also a hit with students!!! We have made custom school colors and designs.  Watch for us at Canton First Monday Trade Days~just outside the Arbor buildings in a tan tent full of colorful bliss.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Backyard needs some decorating...

I haven't had too much extra time to do much of anything besides unpack, organize, hunt for lost items in boxes..oh, and the list for the totally lost.  My house is really cute, and can't wait to get started tweaking it to my style.  The people who owned it before me loved wallpaper, so in the meantime I will have to make due with the "blue" in the kitchen, breakfast room and living room. I especially love my house because it's just perfectly sized..not too big, nor too small to clean real quickly.

I have ventured to some of the local shops to see what I can do to decorate my backyard.  I have furnishings for the inside, but nada for outside. The backyard is really good sized and manicured just perfectly~but, there is no color right now.  All along the fence line there used to be beautiful gardens last Spring and I can't wait to get started next season.  Time to break out the decorating books!! Can anyone give some ideas? I don't think I will do anything until after the Holidays, but for me it takes a long time to decide what I want!!

Fall in Athens

Fall in Athens, Texas is a colorful site to see.  Hay bales, pumpkins, gourds and scarecrows abound around the town square.  People come from all over the state to take family pictures.  So come on down and tour the square and shop in our shops.  Don't forget to visit the scarecrow trail at the Arboretum.                        

Adorable Knits

My grandmother is a wonderful  blessing in my life!! She has been knitting forever..seems like it anyway.  She has made baby blankets, afghans, pot name it.  Last year she began working on hats and scarves for baby, tots, children and of course adults.  No we have so many items, we don't know what to do with them. They were a huge hit last year selling just as they were.

This season I have added my twist to the hats...our customers are going crazy (as well as folks that buy wholesale for their shops!). They aren't making it very far out the door, as soon as I design them and show them to someone, they are sold quickly!! Which is great!!! The ones featured are available and will be with me at this weekends Canton Trade Days~hope to see you there!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Texas Stampede Team Roping

Texas Stampede Team Roping
Saturday, 24 October 200
Hits : 44
Date: Oct. 24, 2009, Sat.
What: Texas Stampede Team Roping
Where: Henderson County Fairpark Complex
Cost: Free to the public
Address: 3356 Hwy 31 East, Athens
Contact: (903) 670-3324

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Cute matchboxes

I have an obsession with scrapbook embellishments~take a peek at the matchbooks just added to my collection of goodies for sale. Matchbooks are a must have for anyone~and a great back up to the candle lighter that always need replacing...well in my house anyway. The house always smells wonderful for whatever the season is....

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Canton September 2009 cont...

Here are a few more pics from our booth..we were just outside of the main Arbor was very slow. My dream is to be in a shop or in the buildings, but for now we have to buy our time outside. I am hitting the pavement to do some consignment shops or you can still shop at the Plano Antique Mall booth.

Canton September 2009

I finally got my an opportunity to sit down and load my pictures from Canton last month...this was our 1st time in many years. With a new name, look, merchandise..looks much better for me!!

Check out my friend, Kim Slaters' work. We have become great friends and she has wonderful bookmarks and earrings....look her up..Kewl Jewels in Rowlett, TX

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Halloween Jewelry

I finally found my USB now, it's time to post like crazy!! I am so stressed out trying to get ready for Canton Trade days this weekend~is a gal ever ready?? is a sample of what I will be taking this weekend for my Halloween collection. My son, Devin (he's 8 years old)~actually designed some of the "spooky" halloween domino's . He loves to help Mommy and I truly appreciate his contribution. Actually, he is pretty good too!!

Custom Cards

After years of collecting scrapbook supplies to "find" time to work on my childrens' scrapbook has become useful in other ways. Last summer we were bored and decided to use all our stuff to make custom soon became a group effort. Also a great way to brighten up a rainy day!!
All the little girls (and boys..but I won't give their names) in the neighorbood soon gathered at my kitchen table to put their creative minds to work. Simply buy some cards, glue, paper, stickers, markers and let the imagination run wild. Most of our stuff came from Dollar Tree~yes, that is me that keeps wiping out the supplies. I can say, that I am quite impressed!!
Here are a few of them to start with....check back as I get the rest together.


Friday, August 28, 2009

A few more shadow box necklaces

As I was thumbing through my things, I realized I had 3 shadow box necklaces left. Each ones' shadow box is flat and opens on one side, so that you can add your own pictures or designs. Both sides are decorated~so if it flips while wearing it, you'll have some color on each side.

Pretty Princess

Earlier this month I sold these two domino necklaces that turned out simply gorgeous. The pink princess domino I sprayed with a silver glitter overlay and topped with a rhinestone crown. A beautiful little girl quickly snagged it for herself...oh, and mom managed to get some haute princess couture as well~she bought the other one shown. I enjoy making my pieces unique to fit just about anyones' personality.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Canton Trade Days Sept.3-6

It is confirmed that I have an outside space...(gonna be warm!). Look for me outside the Arbor buildings...row 34; booth #412.

Hope to see you there and make some new friends....


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fall designs

The kids are back in school and we survived the dog days of summer. And yes, it's still hot!! Life has become complicated in my home again and need to stay focused on the big picture. Designing anything is a great stress relief for me and I try and make my items different from everyone else's to reflect my funky flair.

I hope you enjoy looking at my latest domino necklaces~I know that they have been popular for quite some time. My youngest son has been making some Halloween designs that I can't wait to share with everyone in the next few days as soon as I can locate my USB cord. With 4 kids, it's almost something.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Waxahachie Trade Days

We just received information for our permanent spot at the Waxahachie Trade Days...booth # 69~located in the same vicinity as last months' spot. Our booth is on the isle behind us~the second to last booth next to the main isle coming into the Expo center.

Can't wait to see you there!!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Waxahachie Trade Days

Just wanted to announce a new location that we will be selling our hand~made creations at the remainder of this year!!! And also excited to have another artist sharing her beautiful bookmarks with all of us. Currently we have 4 designers at work around the clock getting ready for the upcoming Holiday season...always looking for new talent to add to our growing inventory.



Saturday August 8th; Sunday August 9th
Saturday September 26th; Sunday September 27th
Saturday October 10th; Sunday October 11th
Saturday November 7th; Sunday November 8th
Saturday December 12th; Sunday December 13th

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Hometime Candle Company

My business began as a hobby the Spring of 1999 with just 8 fragrances. I simply made up several dozen candles in basic fruit jars, made up some cute labels and invited family and friends for a sample sale. At that time, my husband came up with the name~because Hometime was his favorite show.

Immediately following the sale, I was flooded with re-orders and realized I had a business on my hand. Then came the special orders for favorite scents and colors and the list was quickly well as customers.
By the fall, I began selling at local craft shows and had expanded to around 50 fragrances. My mom is also talented and added her florals designs to the shows.
By 2002~I had a store where we offered over 100 fragrances via retail, wholesale, fundraisers, consignments, distributors, Dallas Market Center, private shows, Canton Trade Days...well, the works!! All managing 4 small children along for the ride~it wasn't easy and my marriage was slowly crumbling from all the time I devoted to my dream!!
I had expanded to goatsmilk soaps, lotions, gift sets, home decor items, room essence, seasonal merchandise, albums, shabby chic items~basically anything I could rescue and turn into a gem for my customers.
2005 came and my divorce was in full force and made a name change for my company.

Simply Glowing Gifts was born!! Now, we have added to our line~jewelry, gift tags, hand~made, custom cards, hand~painted signs, handbags, designer velvet pillows, hand~knitted hats/scarves, blankets...well you get the picture.

Hello Cupcake

My sister turned me onto the book "Hello Cupcake"...and I can say that I am addicted to making the cupcakes for family and friends.

If you haven't already purchased the cookbook~I recommend it to all of my baking friends~you will be the talk of the next party.

Back in Rowlett

Two weeks ago, I moved back to Rowlett. It's great to be back home and around loved ones. However, I was a bit upset to see so many of my favorite specialty shops now gone. The economy has really taken its toll. My fav's at The Harbour are will be missed dearly!!

Friday, April 17, 2009


I finally found a myspace background that I simply love! And for some reason it won't show up... I have always loved shabby chic decor, but with children it's hard to decorate with light colors. My decor style has been a hodge podge all throughout the french country with black, white/cream, brick red, mustard, the master bedroom, living and dining have been tradtional. Now, my bedroom is black, white and pink~slowly moving in that direction. When my kids get a little bigger~this dream will become a reality.