Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Here's wishing everyone a Merry Christmas!! I found this picture and it is truly my ideal home!!! Texas never gets any snow to amount to anything and maybe someday I will be able to travel or even live such a dream!!


Simply Glowing Candles

Our beautiful victorian jars are available in over 50 fragrances. Each hand~poured using the finest blends of paraffin & soy wax. Our perfumer is world renowned for producing oils for Estee Lauder, Glade and Harry Potter scented markers. Each oil is specifically manufactured for candles and is 100% pure...nothing diluted, nor triple scented. Don't be fooled by those words, a candle that is triple scented would become separated from the wax and jar. As long as the oil is 100% pure there is no need to label "triple scented"..or it can become quite flammable.

Shown is our 18 oz jar that retails for $ 20.00 and wholesale inquiries are welcomed for your boutique, retail chain or even to individuals looking to sell on e-bay or at local trade/craft venues. Fragrance shown is Mexican Vanilla~rich creamy vanilla with lots of butterscotch~yummy!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

More domino necklaces

Sorry, guys I have been extremely busy these past 2 months...moved in with parents. The job search has been unsuccessful. Therefore, I continue to do what I love...make "stuff" to sell.
My necklaces are unique, affordable, suit any type of personality...and one of a kind. You won't see 2 alike. They can all be purchased on our chain, or add to your favorite.
December is my busiest time of year, and I am making 5-8 items per day. My last show is the 3rd Monday McKinney Trade Days (December 12--14). Check my website for the latest designs. Site

Designs are available with: crowns, longhorns, angels, peace signs, initials, cool words, and names...custom orders available.
Also working on scrabble on next blog!!

"Cool" hand~made domino necklaces

The ever popular domino bracelets are a huge hit...I have been busy creating my own designs for the past few weeks. Everytime I have a new one, it sells before I can even snap a picture of it to share with you guys!! I promise to take a picture after each one embellished.

They are all used with various materials...some papers, stickers (all acid free, of course!), rub-ons, stamps...never know what I will come up with next. The best way to be updated is to view my goodies on my website. I am busy adding items everyday...making about 5-7 pieces per day...

Each one is unique and no 2 are alike!!! I have designs with: angels, initials, wings, princess crowns, longhorns, crosses, names, cute wording, peace signs...well you get the picture. Whatever is what you will find here.

~Toodles...4 now~

Rockin' Jewels

More Rockin' Jewels to share with everyone...available online or via a trunk show in your home. December shows are still available and hostesses earn free items for having a party.

We bring all of our jewelry, candles, handbags, t-shirts...and whatever else we can fit into the "trunk"...most everything is embellished with lots of bling!!! Items for all ages~and gifts are ready to go home at the time of the party.

Shadow Box Necklaces

Just wanted to share my latest designs that I have available for sale on my website. visit site

I really love creating them...they are all open on one side so that you can add your favorite photo or unique papers...


Monday, November 17, 2008

McKinney Trade Days

I have been selling my items at the McKinney Trade Days for the last 2 months. And I am excited about this new venture. I have already made new vendor friends and really enjoy the new customers that I have acquired.

Fridays are great days for moms' to shop! This month was very slow, and probably due to the cold front that was due in the afternoon. About 4:30~it was like a hurricane had hit. The winds were unbelievable and Saturday was bitterly cold for everyone. Sunday was excellent and was very crowded.

As usual, I scored some deals for myself to design and pics will be coming as soon as I get them completed.

December will be exciting for us~many new items are being designed for our shoppers! Hope to see you there....stop by and see me...booth is Y8 and near the back side of the shopping area.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hurricane Ike

First of all, my thoughts and prayers go out to all who were affected by Hurricane Ike. I started to get pretty emotional when I saw the pictures of the destruction in my home state, Texas.

Brittany & I spent the weekend home alone. It rained so much yesterday, we couldn't really get out an do anything fun. I almost booked an outside show for Saturday, and a little voice told me not to sign up~always listen to your inner voice!! So, I went shopping at Michaels to get the supplies needed to complete my necklaces for next weekends' show. I made 10 necklaces~maybe it should rain more often~so I can get some work done.

We did get drenched, we ventured out to the library to get some movies to watch to keep us occupied. A few friends wanted me to go out~but when it rains, this baby stays inside. I am not afraid to get wet or anything, just don't like to drive in the rain.

Designer Matchbooks

Well, I was bored and you know me, I find something creative to make & sell. So, while playing around with my scrapbook stuff~I thought of decorating matchbooks to go with the candles.

Each one is different & unique (no 2 alike) to reflect our "attitudes"....makes for a great addition to give the gal who has, she has designer matches!!!

Hurry~they sell quickly~and new or custom designs welcomed!!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Cute Cards

Last year I attended many shows and saw the craze for custom cards. So, you know me~I had to try it out for myself!! All the years worth of scrapbook supplies just sitting in their storage containers and no time to finish scrapbooks for 4 kids! Who has the time anymore?
Anyhoo...I soon learned that this is yet another addiction!! Like I need another project! My house looks like a craft/hobby shop. I just wished that I had an entire room just to design~instead of my kitchen table...maybe someday my prince charming will arrive and buy me a bigger house so I can fulfill my dream!!!
Enjoy a few of my custom cards~no 2 are alike! All are blank inside for you to customize for that special someone and occasion.

Monthly Open House

Every month...I hold an open house selling my latest creations. August was a bit slower than last year. Probably due to high fuel costs and being close to back to school, since it fell on tax free weekend.

The popular items for the month were Lavender bath salts, the funky frames and the girly items. Everybody loved my new unique creations~sold before I could even take some pictures. Oh well, just means I have to make more....

This months' sale will be held on September 26 & 27 (10--5). A week later than planned due to the show schedule.

9th Annual Fall Craft Fair schedules for Friday, Sept. 19 (11-7); Saturday, Sept. 20 (9-5) at Arapaho Road Baptist Church~2256 Arapaho Road Garland TX 75044

Hope to see you there!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

This week

Well, the kiddo's are back in school and it's been quite peaceful. I have out looking for a part-time job, since I lost my job earlier this year. Since gas is so expensive, most of my searches are done online and since employers can't see's difficult to get any job.

Today, I am focusing on cleaning the house and getting ready for a huge garage sale. I have tons of kid clothes to get rid!!! Hopefully, I can be ready for this saturday..sometimes it's a gamble to have a sale on a holiday weekend. But, I am broke and need to clear out my house.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My domino necklaces

While taking a break from the candle making...I have ventured out into other areas. Here are a few of the domino necklaces that I have designed recently. They are all one of a kind~so you can dare to be different!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Drama Kids...after school programs

While driving around I have been seeing the signs forDrama Kids all over my neighborhood. Today, I received an message from a local rep with the information about the after school program. Feel free to check it out Drama

Drama kids build confidence, speaking skills, acting skills in ages 3-17. It's the most popular childrens' program in the world! They offer several different payment plans. Check out their schedule to see if your school offers to your kiddo's!

Monday, August 18, 2008

The Great Pumpkin

Fall can't get here soon enough for me. I love the cooler weather and the shorter days. But my favorite part about fall is...Halloween! ! Yes, the kids love it too~dressing up and getting all that candy~so they can drive mom up the wall.

Every year, late July I start gearing up for the upcoming shows and begin adding more fall fragrances to my collection. My most popular aromas' are still here...PUMPKIN SPICE (just like Root's scent), AUTUMN LEAVES (fresh, crisp leaves),HARVEST (like Yankee), CANDY CORN (my own original secret blend~rich, just like the candy...and a top seller), CARAMEL APPLE (good enough to eat), PUMPKIN PIE SPICE (loads of pumpkin & lite on the spice), MEXICAN VANILLA (rich butterscotch & vanilla), ORANGE VANILLA SPICE (spiced oranges & vanilla), PECAN PIE (grandma's secret recipe) WELCOME HOME (warm & inviting with cinnamon & tons of spice)..lots of fragrances available.

Featured in photos: The Great Pumpkin, Pumpkin Melts & Lil' Witches...(jar) Wholesale also available.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Help... Against Domestic Violence

Yes, I have been busy these past few months. The position I had for the last couple of years was eliminated following a company buy out. Leaving a single mom having a hard time trying to make ends meet to provide for 4 children. It ain't easy sister...let me tell you!! I have had to swallow my pride and rely on government assistance...or starve to death. My ex-husband is a year behind in child support, and getting help from the State has been nothing but a series of headaches and disappointments. After filing in May, and calling everytime they "do" something, a demand for payment has been set in October for "him" to appear in court. Please pray for a miracle~either pay the years' worth of support or relinquish his rights!!

Despite all the financial difficulties, I remain positive (through lots & lots of prayer)!! And somehow I make it thru every month. Looking for a real job, has turned up hopeless...really hard to find anything that will pay enough, let alone even get a call for an interview for a $6.00/hr position.

Only God knows what is in my future and I rely on my faith for guidance. For those who don't know me former husband was very abusive~mental and physical. After 12 years and each day getting worse, the day he laid a finger on my child~out the door he went. I didn't care how we had to survive, living in a safe, non-violent home is much more important for all of us!

With all that said~my pink "Faith" candle has become the inspiration to women in my shoes to make a change in their lives. The 8 oz. Pink Cross Rhinestone Tumbler is filled with the popular fragrance of...Beautiful....because that's what we are to our children! Yes, I realize that purple represents the color for this cause~I love the color of pink because it is pure, peaceful, uplifting and represents a girl.

As of August, 15, 2008 ~ every "Faith" candle sold at my shows or onlineEtsy ~($3.00)of the profits will be donated to my local womens' shelter Genesis Shelter

Please help support women & children effected by Domestic Violence in your community...we really need your help.

Sage & Chocolate Grace Plate

My living room is decorated in the colors of sage, hunter, burgundy, plum and chocolate. Last Fall, I found this idea from a show that I attended by decorating serving plates (platters). I thought it was very cute...and the combinations are endless of how you can design them. This one is painted sage & chocolate and stenciled with the word "Grace"'s hanger is a beautiful brown shimmer satin and may be hung anywhere in your home. Custom words and colors available upon request...Etsy

Saturday, August 16, 2008

My "Funky Frames"

Being creative is sometimes quite expensive~I live in the hobby/craft shops and buy all the magazines for my inspirations. Much sleep is lost thinking about what I can do that is unique, funky, different and cute all at the same time that others will enjoy as much as I do! And it never fails that what you design is the wrong color scheme for your interested customer~turning into a custom order...and I simply love it. Being able to share my treasures puts a smile on my face~even if I didn't make a big profit.

Here are the 2 funky frames that I have made so far...hand~painted and embellished with adorable papers and rhinestones...all come with a satin hanger!

Watch for more to come soon~keep in touch!

Friday, August 15, 2008

I am bored tonight...


Well, it's been a month since I have had a real break from all 4 kiddos. It's not easy taking care of them alone ....

So, what does a single woman do when she gets a break....nada!!! Or at least this one operates that way. The house will always be a wreck and piles of dishes & laundry will be there no matter what! I sometimes wished little elves would come in the night to help me with chores. Or at least prepare my dinner for one night...I haven't been pampered in a long, long time.

No, seriously...when I do get a break~I have been introduced to Primo's Tex Mex Grille in Garland (by the Bass Pro Shop)....that has been the Tuesday night hang out with the gals. Or at least until school starts anyway. I like going here because there are people that are close to my age and you can relax outside overlooking the lake..wished I had a boat again.

Another place I frequent is Weekends~yes, I stay close to home...(lake ray hubbard). Here, you get to enjoy 2 clubs in 1 and they always feature local bands that are really good!

Now, keep in mind that bars aren't my thing at all, just a place to hang out with my girlfriends on occasion. My true hang~outs are: Canton Trade Days, antique shopping, specialty shops, staying at a bed n breakfast, eating at a good family owned restaurant (mexican food fav), a good tea room for my favorite chicken salad sandwich...DovesNest in Waxahachie!! Or I will just hop in the car and cruise to Downtown McKinney for a day of R & you know a little more about me...

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Shopping for back to school

Don't forget it's tax free weekend~get your kiddo's ready for school in style. I am so glad to see that Walmart is carrying L.E.I. jeans & tee's now...$ 20.00 or less!! And much more reasonable so that single mom's can afford to make their $$ stretch.

Target has cute t~shirts for boys and girls: Hanna Montana, Hello Kitty, Guitar Hero and Rockband for $ 6.99~all my kids' want to wear to be comfortable. They also have Hanes' undies, etc for buy 1 get 1 free~stocked up for my troops.

It's been a fast summer, but I can't wait to get my kids back in school!!! I'm tired...

Happy Shopping!

Sample Sale

This weekend...Friday & Saturday August 15 & 16 (10am--5pm)

In my home~e-mail me for my address.

Tons of jars & fragrances that have been discontinued and are marked!!

~Hope to see you here~

Luxury candles

New fragrances in our luxurious jar: Poundcake, Buttery Sugar Cookie, Wedding Nite

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Please bear with me...just began designing my blog...check back soon!