Saturday, December 11, 2010

Saturday Night....blues~or not?

You never know what plans might change around my house~with 4 kids, life is crazy!! The antique mall where I sell my stuff is at was having a vendor Christmas party tonight (right now as a matter of fact). And I am really bummed out that I couldn't be there. And being a single mom, I was really wishing to be apart of the gift exchange. After all, it will probably be the only "real" gift I receive..but it's okay, I will live.

We have Christmas in the Park tonight at the Cain Center. My daughter is there singing in the choir and my grandmother couldn't make it cause one of my kiddo's gave her the stomach virus that is going around....Yuck!! My grandfather was working today to look out after my other kids and since I can't clone myself to be in multiple places at the same time...I went back to work on my hat and jewelry pictures. Maybe, I can sell some of these lovely pieces before Christmas.

I am trying to have a last minute holiday sale at my house next Saturday, so if you are in East Texas~stay tuned for more details. I just got a few special orders and learned of a needy single mom and 2 girls that I need help with Christmas gifts this year. Since I have lots of does my heart good to know I can help out. This family is up north and I am glad....cause I have lots of hats and scarves to spare. Here are a few more designs that are going to be taken to my booth next week.

Stay warm tonight and grab some hot cocoa!!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Simply wonderfully scented candles

Like I promised, I am frantically trying to take pictures in time for Christmas gifts! My candle inventory has been reduced to only the best sellers. At one time, I had over 200 fragrances to select from when I had my store in Rowlett. That was very hard to keep up with and juggle a family and be a single mom at the same time.

I have added some really awesome fragrances and if you haven't tried them....well, you are missing out!! With over 11 years experience I have totally mastered the art of candles! They are truly house warmers, more affordable, have the ability to make custom colors, offer them wholesale and for fundraisers! I have helped so many organizations raise lot of $$$. My new 9 oz jar retails for $ 8.00

The latest fragrances are: Victoria Secrets' Love Spell, Pink Sugar, Warm Vanilla Sugar and Apple Jack & Peel, Tuscan Garden, Lollipop and Red Door.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Fabulous newborn hats

The projects never cease to end around here...and the Christmas decorations are still scattered all over the house waiting to be put "somewhere". And the laundry is really pilled up high today...but I also am taking pictures of all the new stuff I have for sale!!

My booth in Mesquite is packed and so is my house and would really LOVE to sell these adorable items!! I am taking a break from the decorating to get items posted to my Etsy shop. This morning I posted a few candles, lots of domino necklaces and a few hats for newborns and toddlers~the hats are tooooo cute!!

Please feel free to help out my family this year and spread the word about my affordable, cute handmade items!! Moving to a new city last year has really been difficult getting new neighbors interested~you are really missing out on the best candles you will ever burn!!

The newborn hats are hand~made by my grandmother and I decorate them in my own funky way...hope you enjoy them.

Happy Sunday


Friday, December 3, 2010

Athens Christmas in the Park

I am a proud mother to announce that my daughter and grandmother will be participants in this years' event singing in the choir...Blessings to All!!

Christmas in the Park is a community event in Athens put on collectively by the Athens Community Churches working together to share with all of Henderson County the story of the Nativity.  It will be held at Cain Center Park for the second year on December 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th. There will be several nightly performances for all ages. A special handicap accessible performance will be available each night.
Last year we had over 3,000 people from our community experience Christmas in the Park featuring a community choir and orchestra, petting zoo, camels and dramatic experience of soldiers and shepherds.  This year we are adding more to the experience and making many new improvements.  Come be a part of Christmas in the Park Athens.  For more information or to help sponsor the event, you may contact us at or by calling Steven Patterson at            903-675-5135       ext. 136.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Simply...slight changes

Thank you ladies who attended the Grand Opening last Saturday! I understand it was an eventful day with the fabulous food, bounce house and fun!!

But, I (Simply Glowing Gifts) will no longer have my items at the Athens store (TuTu Darn Cute)..sorry, for the incovenience . I made some quick decisions and life happened during this time and I am unable to continue this venture at this time.

However, you can still shop my online boutique via Etsy.....or at The Antique Gallery of Mesquite. As of yesterday, I moved to a larger booth at this location. My booth is on the first isle on the backside endcap~and it looks fabulous!!! I have tons more items than my previous booth and was already getting compliments (and sales) as I was setting up...this was a good move!!

Thank you for you understanding!!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Vintage flapper hats

Well, while the girls are selling our goodies at the Cain Center today I decided to take some pictures of our new store!! My latest creations are the adorable flapper hats!! I have so many to take pictures and post, but I took so many on my phone that it's about to die now and I forgot my charger. So, please bare with me for a few days until I can get that taken care of....

How is everyone's weekend? There are tons of activities going on this weekend~Holiday gift shows, etc. I am ready for the home tours..the highlight of my year. Visiting other peoples' homes (while I'm getting mine ready), gives me tons of inspiration and wonderful ideas to change my stuff up a bit.

While you are shopping this season, and if you are in the Athens area...please come by our new boutique and take a peek. There are 5 of us creative and talented ladies that have some really adorable items and they are perfectly priced for any holiday budget.

Take care and Have a wonderful, safe weekend!!!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Not enough hours in the day...

We or I rather can take a deep breath after getting the boutique open last week....on the other hand that doesn't mean it's relax to the sofa either. Today's plan is to get some of my house re-organized and get ready for the Holidays. Just one more week until the kids are out of school and I get to see my baby again....well, she's not really a baby anymore. She is about to be 18 and extremely talented. ( I wonder who she gets that from?) Britt can draw anything by simply looking at it, and actually her's ends up better than the original....more detailed.
We have some canvas pieces to work on and can't wait to share her artwork.

In addition to the other things I design...I dabble in floral designs too!! The Holiday season really peaks my talents because I can be overkill on the home decorating. I want my children to cherish the memories that I am creating for their futures. Break out the homemade cookies, decorations and let the sparkle begin!!

I am not sure if any of my designs will be at our boutique....but you may contact me if you like any of my examples shown.


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Store Opening Announcement

TuTu Darn Cute officially opened for business yesterday!!! And despite the cold weather and rain, we had a great turn out!! Many compliments have been made about our cute shop~it's adorable, affordable and just simply awesome!!! Many talented ladies have put alot of their heart and soul into making this dream come true....

Stop by and take a look for yourself! Christmas is just around the corner and we have some really adorable items for your gift giving!!

TuTu Darn Cute
716 E. Corsicana 
Athens TX 75751

Friday, October 22, 2010

New Boutique dream has come true (again)!!! A few of the wonderful ladies I have met at Athens Farmer's Market have been talkin' and dreamin' of opening a specialty boutique and it is coming true!!!!

Oh, I have prayed for this for so long!!! We are signing the lease today and will get started cleaning, sewing, decorating and what not to get this shop open by November 1st. Watch for Grand Opening Announcements and  Sales!!!!

We are so excited.....stay tuned for more details, pics and what we are selling~just a hint: jewelry, tutu's, hairbows, candles, custom gifts....the rest will be revealed soon!


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Purple Sunday

Everybody speaks of their "pink" day....well, I am going to be different today! I am declaring today purple Sunday~you may ask why purple?

All of my shows for the past several months have been requests for purple jewelry. I began looking at specialty boutiques, Canton Trade Days, etc.....hardly anyone has purple jewelry. And now I know why people are asking for it~there are plenty of handbags, clothes and other accessories available...but hardly any purple jewelry. Even google didn't produce much of anything to help either.

So, my new mission was born~on the hunt for purple beads and embellishments to design with..I do love to shop! Here are a few of my designs that I have made...minus what I already sold and didn't get a chance to photograph....Happy Purple Sunday!!

Stay tuned to next Sunday for the necklaces.....

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pumpkin People

Halloween Decoration: Pumpkin People How-to

Halloween Decoration: Pumpkin People How-to
Photo: © Kate Sears
While your neighbors decorate their porches with the same old ghoulish goblins, try something different by perching your carved pumpkins atop scarecrows! Outfit them in old clothing and prop them in fun poses to greet trick-or-treaters.
Skill level: Beginner
Old pillowcases
Old clothes (dress, shawl, shirt, overalls, boots)
Bale of hay or straw
Long wooden tomato stakes
Spool of floral wire
Pumpkin-carving kit
Hats as desired
Hot-glue gun and glue sticks
Tall tin bucket filled with sand
Rocking chair
1. For Ma, place pillowcase inside dress, open side down; fill with hay. For Pa, button shirt; place pillowcase inside shirt, open side down, and fill with hay.
2. Cut hole in center top of each case; poke tomato stake through so it extends at top and bottom. Cut 12 inches of wire; wrap tightly around bottom of case to hold stake in place.
3. For Ma, use wire to fasten another stake to lower end of first stake so stake extends below hem of dress
4. For Pa, place shirt in overalls; stuff legs lightly with hay.
5. Carve pumpkin heads as desired. Poke hole in center front; insert carrot nose. Poke hole in bottom; place pumpkin head on stake.
6. Glue hats on heads.
7. For Ma, use wire to secure another stake across neck for shoulders; drape shawl over shoulders. Place bottom stake in bucket of sand.
8. Seat Pa in chair; arrange legs as desired and add more stuffing. Place boots below legs; add hay around boot tops.

Skeleton Cupcakes

Skeleton CupcakesSkeleton Cupcakes

  • Recipe Ingredients
    • 1 box (18.25 oz) devil's food cake mix
    • 1 1/2 cups lowfat buttermilk
    • 3 large eggs
    • 1/4 cup canola oil
    • 2 cans (16 oz each) dark chocolate frosting
    • Decoration: black gel or paste food color, 24 marshmallows, 24 (4-in.) thin breadsticks (grissini) or lollipop sticks, a clean artist's brush, 24 grape fruit leather snacks (like FruitaBu), black decorating sugar, red nonpareil candies

Recipe Preparation

    1. Heat oven to 350°F. You'll need 24 regular-size muffin cups lined with paper, foil or Halloween-themed liners.2. Beat cake mix, buttermilk, eggs and oil in large bowl with mixer on medium speed 2 minutes or until just blended. Divide batter between muffin cups (1/4 cup batter per cup).3. Bake 24 minutes, or until a wooden pick inserted in centers comes out clean. Cool in pan on wire rack 15 minutes before removing cupcakes to rack to cool completely.4. Tint chocolate frosting black with food color; frost cupcakes.5. To decorate: Slightly flatten marshmallows with palm of your hand. Insert a broken length of breadstick or lollipop stick into each marshmallow. Place some black frosting in a microwave-safe custard cup and microwave about 5 seconds, until thin and runny. Paint skeleton faces onto marshmallows with a fine paintbrush.6. Using the photo as a guide, cut fruit leather into bat wings with scissors; press in decorating sugar to coat. Roll fruit leather scraps into small balls, then shape into bat heads with ears; coat heads in sugar. Attach 2 nonpareil candies for eyes with a dab of frosting.7. To assemble: Using photo as guide, stand bat wings upright in frosting on top of cupcakes. Insert a skeleton head behind wings into middle of cupcake. Attach a bat head in middle of wings with frosting.Plan Ahead: You can bake cupcakes 2 weeks ahead and freeze. Frost and decorate up to 1 day ahead, cover and keep at room temperature.

Soul searching

It's been a busy several weeks. The kids are playing football, performing in choir concerts and keeping the schedule flowing with "things to do". During this time, I have been spending organizing, cleaning and re-arranging my home decor. Every few months, I have to change things up a bit. This time I think the living room is better for our lifestyle and ready to do some home shows! Finally have some room!!

I spend so much time on facebook playing games that I just can't seem to break free of....Help!! I have even considered deleting my account and spending more time here and sharing positive things instead of countless hours wasted on silly games. It's been great to re-connect with friends and long distance family~but it's not like we talk everyday anyway.

Now that the workspace and living space are better arranged...its back to work. I have sold so many pieces of jewelry and still haven't posted alot of the new stuff. Some, I didn't even get the chance too!! In thinking of the future, I am working on a complete new concept for 2011! I have just about given up on finding a job and the little I live on is just simply depressing. I have such wonderful talents and had a successful candle business before my divorce and just can't seem to get my groove back! And moving to East Texas, didn't help much. There are soooo many people selling the same type of stuff that I have....time for a change!!

 The few people I have met are busy with their work and/or going back to school also and just don't have the time to spend shopping and just hanging out together. So, I just devote my time to my kids and my jewelry, candles, paintings and whatever else I can get involved just sucks being lonely!! But, I am happy and I guess that's all that matters!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Cotton Candy Collection

It's been a while since my last post~sorry!! The kiddo's are settled into school now and I am still trying to find the carpet under all the army toys in the living room. Well, that's a never ending story in my house~too many kids around here! As long as the sink is empty, clothes are washed and the bathroom is clean is most important to me...the rest can let be....

I have been super busy designing all kinds of new stuff and don't know where to start with the posting. The job search has still been unsuccessful~even something part time~so, it's that time of year to create and try my best to sell what I can, after all it's what I do best!! Not sure where God is taking me, and trust that this is what I am supposed to be doing (and be home for my kids) with my life. Words can't describe how thankful I am that I have a talent to do so many things~just wished that more of the public could see my beautiful items and spread the word....

In honor of the State Fair of Texas beginning next week, I came up with the name Cotton Candy for these items listed. I have always loved cotton candy and as you know...I LOVE PINK!!! Therefore, what a neat combination~pink crackle beads, pearls, turquoise beads, rhinestones, hearts and crosses are featured in my latest collection. Get em' fast...I posted them on facebook today and getting rave reviews!!

stay tuned for more items....

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

This last weekends' Farmers Market

Last Saturdays' (Athens Farmers Market~8-28-10) was a blast! Every last Saturday of the month there is some major excitement going on!! We had a band perform and played some 60-70's classic rock from Stevie Ray Vaughn, Credence Clearwater Revival, Van Morrison and so many more great tunes. Everyone was dancing and singing having a marvelous time!!!

There was a salsa contest~it was hard to decide and sorry, I missed who did actually win. We also had the TVCC cheerleaders and their cardinal mascot performing. The morning started out perfect~temperature wise...but it warmed up quickly.

I took some pictures of some of the vendors that are next to me each week~please come to Athens and see the talented items as well as the fresh produce. The Market will run thru October of this year and will kick off again in April of 2011.

my booth
Tricia's items
my lil girl line
Griffith Cattle Company
Hollie's bows

Friday, August 27, 2010

Saturday, August 28 Athens Farmers Market

Date: August 28, 2010
Time: 08:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Athens Chamber of Commerce
Event Description
The Athens Farmer’s Market is held each Saturday through October at Market Square (the city parking lot between the old jail and the Texan Theater), at 8:00 a.m.  Come join local peddlers to purchase locally grown vegetables and handcrafted items.  On the fourth Saturday of each month, participate in various contests.  For more information on becoming a peddler, contest entries and the Farmer’s Market, please contact the Athens Chamber of Commerce at (903) 675-5181.
Contests this day to include: Homemade Salsa, Watermelon Seed Spitting
Please don't forget to thank our Farmer's Market Sponsors:
Kathy's Boutique
First State Bank
The Littler Box - benefiting the Henderson County Humane Society
Athens Daily Review
Brown Masonry
BlueGreen Synergy
Central Business Association

*Be sure and stop by my booth and see ALL the new jewelry!! All my bling bracelets that are regularly priced from $ 10-13.00 will be on sale for $ 8.00.

Monday, August 16, 2010

New baby headbands

Not sure what came over me last week, but I was in the mood for some serious organizing! I vowed not to spend so much time on the computer and clean up my designing area. My little house doesn't have much room to make things, but I do have lots of places to store my supplies. The summer heat has set in and I haven't been motivated to get organized again.

While I was cleaning and brainstorming about my business and trying to survive financially without a real job~I started my baking again. Since my divorce many years ago, I haven't really been baking a lot. The holidays were always very festive and the entire house was decorated. My famous decorated cookies were also a huge hit! So, I decided to start my cookies again...however, upon looking and still needing to unpack my boxes from moving~the cookie cutters aren't in my house. Therefore, I have to buy cookie cutters all over again..yikes!! My mission began with a princess crown cutter~because I am fascinated with crowns and royalty. I added a new recipe with snickers candy bars~already gotten several orders also. And the buttermilk pie was a success too~Devin had 2 pieces the first night.

I also managed to make 2 necklaces, 8 bracelets and some baby bows and headbands...told you I was busy! Oh, and all the school shopping also wore me out.

Saturdays' Athens Farmers' Market was slow again this week..the heat is really hurting the market. I got sick right after I got home and was sick until late Sunday evening~heat exhaustion, I suppose. This week will be slower for me~decided I did too much last week and need to rest a bit.

Take care!!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Glass Chandelier Necklaces

I finished these beautiful necklaces this week and struggled what to put them on~for now I simply added a cream colored faux pearls.

But, if you purchase them, you may easily add them to your favorite necklace or chain. I may have to consider keeping the crown for myself~hard to part with....

First Athens Farmers Market

I stayed up until 11pm last night, putting on the last minute touches to my already packed boxes. The excitement probably played a huge part in my NOT being able to sleep.

At 4:42 am, I woke up out of a dead sleep and stared at the clock for another hour, until time to really get up. We set up the tent and was officially ready for business at 7:45. The vendors around me were already making sales and selling those tomatoes!! The man next to me already sold quite a bit by 8am....WOW!!

The crowd was huge for the first Saturday~hot, but many came sporting umbrellas and didn't seem to be phased by the heat. I couldn't seem to get enough liquids down me!!! Someone had peach tea, and I believe that's what I will take with me next Saturday. The water didn't quite cut it for me....

My parents arrived just before 10am and some vendors were already sold out!!! My tomato neighbor pulled out just before then~sold out!! I didn't get to venture out and see everything, but there were peaches, plums, herbs, breads, homemade goodies just across from me, marinara, FREE sunflower planting for the kiddo's, wine, hairbows, bottle cap necklaces, watermelon, pampered chef had some demo's...And of course my beautiful jewelry! I am sure there were lots of goodies around the people playing music~just didn't get to walk over there. It was pretty crowded!! And did I mention, HOT!!!

Overall, it was a great first Saturday, and we will be out there every Saturday thru October. Thank you to my new friends, and new customers!! Gotta get started on the custom orders.....

Until next time,

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Grand Opening The Antique Gallery of Mesquite

Hey guys and dolls, just wanted to announce the Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting ceremonies this morning@ 10 am.  If you can make it, head over to Mesquite and join in on the Festivities!! Food, Entertainment and meet the Vendors!!


If you attend, post some pics~I can't make it today. And please don't forget to visit my booth!!


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Athens Farmer's Market at Market Square

When I heard that Athens was going to begin a Farmer's Market, I was so thrilled to finally have a way to share my stuff with my new neighbors!! I called and requested the information, and received it today. And even more excited to discover that the kick off celebration was moved up a week!! Yipee!!

Come join us on Saturday, July 24 (8am--12pm) for the festivities to include:
kids events
live music
antique tractors & so much more!!

Markets will be held each Saturday (just behind the Texan Theater) thru October 2010

Be sure and stop by and visit me to see what's new!!!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

My new location

I tried so hard to get to Mesquite yesterday to set up my booth before the Holiday weekend~barely made it to The Antique Gallery of Mesquite. It rained for most of the way there (from Athens), and just as we got inside with the bucket of pink paint and brush~the rain followed us.

Half way through painting (and boy was it humid inside)....the paint dried too fast and began to clump. Oh boy!! Did I ever pick a bad day to move my stuff~a flood came outside. Thank goodness I packed my goodies in boxes and nothing got ruined!!

I managed to get what I could into the booth....with the excitement of moving in and the hectic house with all the kids~I still have more stuff to stock in my spot!! Anway, that can wait for next week!! I simply wanted to get something into the booth as I promised to everyone...check out what I have so far....Like I said, more to come after the July 4th weekend.

Happy, safe 4th to everyone!!


Again, the Antique Gallery is located at:
3330 N Galloway Mesquite TX
(formerly the Dusty Attic)

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Antique Gallery of Mesquite

Good morning ladies!!! I am so excited and haven't been able to sleep much the last 2 days. Two days ago, I signed a new lease in Mesquite.

Do you remember the Dusty Attic? Well, the owners of The Antique Gallery of Mesquite has leased the building and is quickly filling up booths. My mom already got a prime location on the 3rd end cap in the front. (look for her black and white polka dot booth) They tried to open on June 1,~but the City of Mesquite took a long time approving permits, etc. Therefore, they officially began selling wares last Tuesday.

Many of the same Antique dealers have already resumed their previous booths. And there is plenty of empty good spots, if you are a vendor looking to lease a space. We spent many years shopping there when it was the Dusty Attic and eating at that wonderful tea room! As of this week, they are still looking for someone to run the tea room and the entire room that is just in front....I hope it's someone with great Chicken Salad Sandwiches...again!

Look for my grand opening this weekend~July 4th weekend!! I am currently tagging merchandise that hasn't been posted here or featured on my online boutique. I know it comes with owning a business, but I don't post everything because so many people "copy" so many of our ideas. I put my funky touch on just about everything~that's why I reach for the stars to make mine unique!!

Simply Glowing Gifts will be on an end cap in the middle of the store (on the previous craft side)...just next to the boutique BeBe's Unique Boutique. The duo has a lot of stuff like I have, but tons more. Too scared to make a leap and rent a huge space like they have~just yet!!

Look for the pink end cap with all of our cute stuff!!! Or again, shop my mom's booth in front~she just made the most beautiful special occasion jewelry~already selling quickly!!!

Their address is: 3330 N Galloway Ste 225
Mesquite Tx 75150

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Grandmother's Surgery

I haven't been online in the past week or grandmother tore a ligament in her left knee and required surgery. She went in last Friday morning and was back at home that afternoon. Thank God everything was a success!! Nannie was a bit drowsy that evening and was already up and around by the next day.

My mom was here to help as well~we sure will miss her and all her delicious home cooking!! Mom left last night and took Christopher with her. The past few days were spent laughing about the good ole` days, the jokes we played on each other and browsing thru cookbooks to find new dishes to prepare. We had a great time!!

I did manage to re-arrange my kitchen and it looks larger now~have to post some pics soon!

Have a wonderful day!!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Still waiting....

Once again this month, I am NOT selling at Canton Trade Days. My children's father decided to change up summer visitation this year, therefore, I have my kiddo's instead.  We will probably head out there to shop~wanted to go today....but, don't you just love waiting for 2 days for a plumber to show up!!

For some reason Athens residents have a  difficult time getting any contractors to show up to do home repairs. My grandparents live next to me and have lived here for over 15 years and have had so many companies refuse to show up for jobs that won't make them the big bucks!! It's really sad, because elderly and single moms (like me) really need someone to show up and NOT take advantage of people financially. We had a company that showed up yesterday and to replace 1 pipe and put the sink in...they wanted over $ 500.00. My grandfather already did the hard work by removing my sink and getting everything prepared and they want that kinda $$ insane!!! So, I wait patiently for the only company reliable...Cedar Creek Plumbing....well, they were supposed to be here this morning...still waiting!!!! Please hurry up!!!

So, in the meantime, I am busy working on more "stuff" an order for a baby boy and some wedding albums. And hopefully I will get an inside spot at Canton's too hot for outside~

Friday, April 30, 2010

Texas Longhorn rings

While I was visiting/shopping at the Rockwall Aspasians last weekend, I ran across these cute pieces to make jewelry out of...always on the prowl for products to add to my inventory of goodies to sell!!

I used the black and white cow prints and made a fashionable ring!! Oh, and of course had to add the rhinestone Texas Longhorn~Hook em' Horns!!!!

I am working on the leopard ones and pink leopards this weekend~stay posted for the others....


Tilo's Cuisine & Bakery

Since I was sick last week for my 40th Birthday (last week), my grandparents are taking me to one of my favorite restaurants for lunch today...Tilo's Cuisine  and  Bakery. It is in Athens and located at 607 East Tyler~the atmosphere is much like a tea room and be sure and stop by on Sunday's to check out the desserts!! If you love sweets, you really need to check it out!! They have a wonderful buffet or you can order from the menu~chicken enchiladas are great too!!

I plan on my weekly stroll thru Winnie & Tulula's on the way back home....they are going to open a tea room near the end of May~I can't wait!!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fleur de Lis scented candles

Everyone is bugging me to death about makin' my heavenly scented candles again....I have had so much fun making jewelry lately.  For months now, I have been in a funk about my products and so frustrated by everyone selling the same products!! Chunky jewelry is everywhere!! Everyone is copying each other and it makes me sick to my stomach!!!

And I think that several people have copied my designs on my domino necklaces~that really makes me mad! When we ventured out to Aspasians this past weekend, a vendor had the same styles that I make. If I hadn't known any better, you would've thought that it was my booth and I paid someone to run it for me. This is VERY frustrating to me!!

For the past few months I have been working on a totally new look for my products.  Anyone that knows me would confirm that I do NOT like to be like anyone else, nor like anyone to copy my ideas.  Therefore, I have decided to go back to designing candles more and lay off the jewelry~I think everyone has seen enough of the "Chunky Jewelry"...

I hope you enjoy my candles as much as I do!!! Creme' Brulee is my favorite!!!


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

More handpainted bling

Spring is in the air and time to get off the sofa and get back to work!! December, January and February were too cold to sell at Canton~therefore, I took a little vacation. We won't be in Canton for April~it's Easter weekend and my son's 9th birthday!!

Meanwhile, I will post some new creations on here, or you can shop at my online boutique!!