Sunday, October 17, 2010

Purple Sunday

Everybody speaks of their "pink" day....well, I am going to be different today! I am declaring today purple Sunday~you may ask why purple?

All of my shows for the past several months have been requests for purple jewelry. I began looking at specialty boutiques, Canton Trade Days, etc.....hardly anyone has purple jewelry. And now I know why people are asking for it~there are plenty of handbags, clothes and other accessories available...but hardly any purple jewelry. Even google didn't produce much of anything to help either.

So, my new mission was born~on the hunt for purple beads and embellishments to design with..I do love to shop! Here are a few of my designs that I have made...minus what I already sold and didn't get a chance to photograph....Happy Purple Sunday!!

Stay tuned to next Sunday for the necklaces.....

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