Sunday, July 5, 2009

Hometime Candle Company

My business began as a hobby the Spring of 1999 with just 8 fragrances. I simply made up several dozen candles in basic fruit jars, made up some cute labels and invited family and friends for a sample sale. At that time, my husband came up with the name~because Hometime was his favorite show.

Immediately following the sale, I was flooded with re-orders and realized I had a business on my hand. Then came the special orders for favorite scents and colors and the list was quickly well as customers.
By the fall, I began selling at local craft shows and had expanded to around 50 fragrances. My mom is also talented and added her florals designs to the shows.
By 2002~I had a store where we offered over 100 fragrances via retail, wholesale, fundraisers, consignments, distributors, Dallas Market Center, private shows, Canton Trade Days...well, the works!! All managing 4 small children along for the ride~it wasn't easy and my marriage was slowly crumbling from all the time I devoted to my dream!!
I had expanded to goatsmilk soaps, lotions, gift sets, home decor items, room essence, seasonal merchandise, albums, shabby chic items~basically anything I could rescue and turn into a gem for my customers.
2005 came and my divorce was in full force and made a name change for my company.

Simply Glowing Gifts was born!! Now, we have added to our line~jewelry, gift tags, hand~made, custom cards, hand~painted signs, handbags, designer velvet pillows, hand~knitted hats/scarves, blankets...well you get the picture.

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gail said...

Hi,, thanks for stopping by my blog. I love visitors. I am going to go over to your site. Your candles look wonderful! I hope you have a great week and happy creating... (()) gail