Wednesday, October 19, 2011

4th week at new location

What perfect weather we are having....time to light up some candles!! And tonight I am testing a newbie I am about to add to my new boutique..frosted cupcakes..yummy!!

Ladies, I just wanted to thank you to each of you that have visited my new little shop in Athens. I was so excited about opening that I thought I had a plan on decorating...well it's all changed now. I love the beautiful comments that I received, but so many were just seeing the baby and little girl stuff that the ladies' glamorous jewelry was being overlooked.  So, I called in some help. The store is completely re-decorated. So, if you saw it before, you need to come back and see it again.

I have added more beautiful jewelry, glittered scarves, fabulous knit hats, leopard "french" style hats, home decor items and some elegant Jessica McClintock animal print throws...they are gorgeous!! And won't last long, I only have 2 left in the store.

I took a few pictures to share....and of course posting this while I watch the Rangers!!!

Check out my new sign...coming soon!! Love it!!

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