Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sideways cross bracelets

What a beautiful Sunday morning!! The sun is shining, the weather is just perfect with a slight little breeze.

Today is the beginning of new things to come for me and I pray it all works out great.

I've been making these beautiful and popular sideways cross bracelets and have sold quite a few in my area. I just love them and the millions of combinations I can come up with...spent a small fortune, but it's all worth it! Love the glam and the compliments I get showing them off....even my curious little kitties try to get involved. They love it when mom designs, they sit next to me on the bed in my little design corner~purring, watching, hoping to chase a fallen bead and eventually take a cat nap. Oh, the life of a my furry friends.

My inventory is quite large on all levels and getting motivated to get it all out and photograph it hasn't been in my schedule. But, now that it's spring, no more excuses.

Stay tuned, more to come soon~enjoy this beautiful day!!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Happy New Year

Well, I haven't been able to get on the computer too much during this holiday break...just a little time in the mornings while kids were asleep. How was your Christmas? Ours was pretty good and took forever to wrap up. This year was my ex husbands' time for visitation, therefore, we had a lot of different celebrations. Kinda glad it's over with.

For 2013, I'm gonna vow to be on here more~again, Pinterest has become my love interest and with trying to design, photograph, run a house, worry about how to pay the bills, kids and being single~yikes! It's not easy sister!!! Oh, and I forgot the cats~they are a full time job too.

So, why did I disappear?? Well, after another attempt at opening a store and putting so much of my heart, soul and last dollar and it failing. I went into depression and all the stuff sat in the boxes from the store for almost a year before I touched them. It breaks my heart to have so many beautiful things and be so talented and only have 2 cheerleaders to support me. My mom and grandmother are the two that have ALWAYS believed in me and always will. During my depression time, my annual exam showed that I may have had ovarian cancer. Months of doctors' visits, tests and more tests...the worry really set in then. So, I called my dad and he insisted that I didn't have cancer! He is minister at his church and refused to let the devil make me think so....power of prayer proved months later that I in fact didn't have cancer. The spots that were removed for tests showed nothing and when I returned there was nothing to conclude with...there was nothing there. Faith is very powerful!!

My faith is very powerful and strong which is why I design the things I do...angels, crosses, hearts~they hold special meaning to me. And those who support me are also blessed in amazing ways that I can't explain...all who help me get it back double or more. Perhaps more would be supportive if they really knew that about me...hehe!! I am a good person, have a wonderful spirit, soul and heart and never hurts anyone, but perhaps a bit too honest.

Since September, I have been out of my rut and been a busy beaver..most everything is organized and ready to take on 2013 and not look back. Never give up on your dreams!!! My dream is to be able to share my beautiful things with the world and help take care of my kids. Each week I continue to look for a real job, but for some reason nothing pans out and some how I get by monthly. The ex is over $ 15,000 behind and refuses to support his kids while he remains successful in his Dallas moving company. But, that will be his road to cross some day.

Tomorrow, it's back to school and I have taken lots of photos and if you follow me on facebook, you will see the latest and greatest of designs.

Here is a sneak peek at the cross bracelets that I had during the holidays....