Saturday, December 11, 2010

Saturday Night....blues~or not?

You never know what plans might change around my house~with 4 kids, life is crazy!! The antique mall where I sell my stuff is at was having a vendor Christmas party tonight (right now as a matter of fact). And I am really bummed out that I couldn't be there. And being a single mom, I was really wishing to be apart of the gift exchange. After all, it will probably be the only "real" gift I receive..but it's okay, I will live.

We have Christmas in the Park tonight at the Cain Center. My daughter is there singing in the choir and my grandmother couldn't make it cause one of my kiddo's gave her the stomach virus that is going around....Yuck!! My grandfather was working today to look out after my other kids and since I can't clone myself to be in multiple places at the same time...I went back to work on my hat and jewelry pictures. Maybe, I can sell some of these lovely pieces before Christmas.

I am trying to have a last minute holiday sale at my house next Saturday, so if you are in East Texas~stay tuned for more details. I just got a few special orders and learned of a needy single mom and 2 girls that I need help with Christmas gifts this year. Since I have lots of does my heart good to know I can help out. This family is up north and I am glad....cause I have lots of hats and scarves to spare. Here are a few more designs that are going to be taken to my booth next week.

Stay warm tonight and grab some hot cocoa!!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Simply wonderfully scented candles

Like I promised, I am frantically trying to take pictures in time for Christmas gifts! My candle inventory has been reduced to only the best sellers. At one time, I had over 200 fragrances to select from when I had my store in Rowlett. That was very hard to keep up with and juggle a family and be a single mom at the same time.

I have added some really awesome fragrances and if you haven't tried them....well, you are missing out!! With over 11 years experience I have totally mastered the art of candles! They are truly house warmers, more affordable, have the ability to make custom colors, offer them wholesale and for fundraisers! I have helped so many organizations raise lot of $$$. My new 9 oz jar retails for $ 8.00

The latest fragrances are: Victoria Secrets' Love Spell, Pink Sugar, Warm Vanilla Sugar and Apple Jack & Peel, Tuscan Garden, Lollipop and Red Door.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Fabulous newborn hats

The projects never cease to end around here...and the Christmas decorations are still scattered all over the house waiting to be put "somewhere". And the laundry is really pilled up high today...but I also am taking pictures of all the new stuff I have for sale!!

My booth in Mesquite is packed and so is my house and would really LOVE to sell these adorable items!! I am taking a break from the decorating to get items posted to my Etsy shop. This morning I posted a few candles, lots of domino necklaces and a few hats for newborns and toddlers~the hats are tooooo cute!!

Please feel free to help out my family this year and spread the word about my affordable, cute handmade items!! Moving to a new city last year has really been difficult getting new neighbors interested~you are really missing out on the best candles you will ever burn!!

The newborn hats are hand~made by my grandmother and I decorate them in my own funky way...hope you enjoy them.

Happy Sunday


Friday, December 3, 2010

Athens Christmas in the Park

I am a proud mother to announce that my daughter and grandmother will be participants in this years' event singing in the choir...Blessings to All!!

Christmas in the Park is a community event in Athens put on collectively by the Athens Community Churches working together to share with all of Henderson County the story of the Nativity.  It will be held at Cain Center Park for the second year on December 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th. There will be several nightly performances for all ages. A special handicap accessible performance will be available each night.
Last year we had over 3,000 people from our community experience Christmas in the Park featuring a community choir and orchestra, petting zoo, camels and dramatic experience of soldiers and shepherds.  This year we are adding more to the experience and making many new improvements.  Come be a part of Christmas in the Park Athens.  For more information or to help sponsor the event, you may contact us at or by calling Steven Patterson at            903-675-5135       ext. 136.