Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sideways cross bracelets

What a beautiful Sunday morning!! The sun is shining, the weather is just perfect with a slight little breeze.

Today is the beginning of new things to come for me and I pray it all works out great.

I've been making these beautiful and popular sideways cross bracelets and have sold quite a few in my area. I just love them and the millions of combinations I can come up with...spent a small fortune, but it's all worth it! Love the glam and the compliments I get showing them off....even my curious little kitties try to get involved. They love it when mom designs, they sit next to me on the bed in my little design corner~purring, watching, hoping to chase a fallen bead and eventually take a cat nap. Oh, the life of a my furry friends.

My inventory is quite large on all levels and getting motivated to get it all out and photograph it hasn't been in my schedule. But, now that it's spring, no more excuses.

Stay tuned, more to come soon~enjoy this beautiful day!!

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