Thursday, May 10, 2012

Yes , it has been a long time...

After a long break following a major disappointment in my life, I am back in action. My gorgeous little gift shop didn't survive very long. And was very upset that even being between a beauty shop and a massage therapist~didn't prove to be such a great idea. A great deal on rent isn't always a good thing, nor is a bad location. Luckily, I pulled out just in time. A week after I closed up, the building was broken into and the other shops were totally ransacked and I would've really been heartbroken.

During the last few months, I have been still searching for the one thing I thought would bring me more to life...LOVE!! Well, that's several chapters that will have to be for another book~let's just say that men are quite strange and become more strange as I meet more of them. After more let downs in the love department, I've decided that God is trying to tell me something. Love isn't happening, nor was it in the cards to have a boutique again. My children are still at ages that require way too much time from me and being a single mom with absolutely NO help with them has become quite challenging. Therefore, I am back to work from home again. Oh, and we have gained another kitty that just had kittens~so yes, my plate has been full since last year.

On with another angel jewelry has become my new passion! And all the different combinations are fabulous as well!! I have very busy the last few weeks getting a new stock ready for this year. This is the year for Angels!! Get ready will see them everywhere!! Check out my Etsy boutique to see them and I have also added items from my shop at reduced prices and wholesale. Please have patience, I have lots of stuff to add and they will be greatly reduced so that I can work on new stuff for this Holiday season.



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Deborah Willhoite said...

Love those angel earrings! I just became a new follower and want to thank you for following me on Cameo Cottage Designs. I appreciate it very much. Have a great day! Merry Christmas and Blessings for the New Year to you and yours! Hugs!!

Debi Willhoite
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