Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Antique Gallery of Mesquite

Good morning ladies!!! I am so excited and haven't been able to sleep much the last 2 days. Two days ago, I signed a new lease in Mesquite.

Do you remember the Dusty Attic? Well, the owners of The Antique Gallery of Mesquite has leased the building and is quickly filling up booths. My mom already got a prime location on the 3rd end cap in the front. (look for her black and white polka dot booth) They tried to open on June 1,~but the City of Mesquite took a long time approving permits, etc. Therefore, they officially began selling wares last Tuesday.

Many of the same Antique dealers have already resumed their previous booths. And there is plenty of empty good spots, if you are a vendor looking to lease a space. We spent many years shopping there when it was the Dusty Attic and eating at that wonderful tea room! As of this week, they are still looking for someone to run the tea room and the entire room that is just in front....I hope it's someone with great Chicken Salad Sandwiches...again!

Look for my grand opening this weekend~July 4th weekend!! I am currently tagging merchandise that hasn't been posted here or featured on my online boutique. I know it comes with owning a business, but I don't post everything because so many people "copy" so many of our ideas. I put my funky touch on just about everything~that's why I reach for the stars to make mine unique!!

Simply Glowing Gifts will be on an end cap in the middle of the store (on the previous craft side)...just next to the boutique BeBe's Unique Boutique. The duo has a lot of stuff like I have, but tons more. Too scared to make a leap and rent a huge space like they have~just yet!!

Look for the pink end cap with all of our cute stuff!!! Or again, shop my mom's booth in front~she just made the most beautiful special occasion jewelry~already selling quickly!!!

Their address is: 3330 N Galloway Ste 225
Mesquite Tx 75150

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Grandmother's Surgery

I haven't been online in the past week or grandmother tore a ligament in her left knee and required surgery. She went in last Friday morning and was back at home that afternoon. Thank God everything was a success!! Nannie was a bit drowsy that evening and was already up and around by the next day.

My mom was here to help as well~we sure will miss her and all her delicious home cooking!! Mom left last night and took Christopher with her. The past few days were spent laughing about the good ole` days, the jokes we played on each other and browsing thru cookbooks to find new dishes to prepare. We had a great time!!

I did manage to re-arrange my kitchen and it looks larger now~have to post some pics soon!

Have a wonderful day!!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Still waiting....

Once again this month, I am NOT selling at Canton Trade Days. My children's father decided to change up summer visitation this year, therefore, I have my kiddo's instead.  We will probably head out there to shop~wanted to go today....but, don't you just love waiting for 2 days for a plumber to show up!!

For some reason Athens residents have a  difficult time getting any contractors to show up to do home repairs. My grandparents live next to me and have lived here for over 15 years and have had so many companies refuse to show up for jobs that won't make them the big bucks!! It's really sad, because elderly and single moms (like me) really need someone to show up and NOT take advantage of people financially. We had a company that showed up yesterday and to replace 1 pipe and put the sink in...they wanted over $ 500.00. My grandfather already did the hard work by removing my sink and getting everything prepared and they want that kinda $$ insane!!! So, I wait patiently for the only company reliable...Cedar Creek Plumbing....well, they were supposed to be here this morning...still waiting!!!! Please hurry up!!!

So, in the meantime, I am busy working on more "stuff" an order for a baby boy and some wedding albums. And hopefully I will get an inside spot at Canton's too hot for outside~