Monday, December 6, 2010

Simply wonderfully scented candles

Like I promised, I am frantically trying to take pictures in time for Christmas gifts! My candle inventory has been reduced to only the best sellers. At one time, I had over 200 fragrances to select from when I had my store in Rowlett. That was very hard to keep up with and juggle a family and be a single mom at the same time.

I have added some really awesome fragrances and if you haven't tried them....well, you are missing out!! With over 11 years experience I have totally mastered the art of candles! They are truly house warmers, more affordable, have the ability to make custom colors, offer them wholesale and for fundraisers! I have helped so many organizations raise lot of $$$. My new 9 oz jar retails for $ 8.00

The latest fragrances are: Victoria Secrets' Love Spell, Pink Sugar, Warm Vanilla Sugar and Apple Jack & Peel, Tuscan Garden, Lollipop and Red Door.

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