Saturday, December 11, 2010

Saturday Night....blues~or not?

You never know what plans might change around my house~with 4 kids, life is crazy!! The antique mall where I sell my stuff is at was having a vendor Christmas party tonight (right now as a matter of fact). And I am really bummed out that I couldn't be there. And being a single mom, I was really wishing to be apart of the gift exchange. After all, it will probably be the only "real" gift I receive..but it's okay, I will live.

We have Christmas in the Park tonight at the Cain Center. My daughter is there singing in the choir and my grandmother couldn't make it cause one of my kiddo's gave her the stomach virus that is going around....Yuck!! My grandfather was working today to look out after my other kids and since I can't clone myself to be in multiple places at the same time...I went back to work on my hat and jewelry pictures. Maybe, I can sell some of these lovely pieces before Christmas.

I am trying to have a last minute holiday sale at my house next Saturday, so if you are in East Texas~stay tuned for more details. I just got a few special orders and learned of a needy single mom and 2 girls that I need help with Christmas gifts this year. Since I have lots of does my heart good to know I can help out. This family is up north and I am glad....cause I have lots of hats and scarves to spare. Here are a few more designs that are going to be taken to my booth next week.

Stay warm tonight and grab some hot cocoa!!!

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