Sunday, December 5, 2010

Fabulous newborn hats

The projects never cease to end around here...and the Christmas decorations are still scattered all over the house waiting to be put "somewhere". And the laundry is really pilled up high today...but I also am taking pictures of all the new stuff I have for sale!!

My booth in Mesquite is packed and so is my house and would really LOVE to sell these adorable items!! I am taking a break from the decorating to get items posted to my Etsy shop. This morning I posted a few candles, lots of domino necklaces and a few hats for newborns and toddlers~the hats are tooooo cute!!

Please feel free to help out my family this year and spread the word about my affordable, cute handmade items!! Moving to a new city last year has really been difficult getting new neighbors interested~you are really missing out on the best candles you will ever burn!!

The newborn hats are hand~made by my grandmother and I decorate them in my own funky way...hope you enjoy them.

Happy Sunday


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