Monday, August 16, 2010

New baby headbands

Not sure what came over me last week, but I was in the mood for some serious organizing! I vowed not to spend so much time on the computer and clean up my designing area. My little house doesn't have much room to make things, but I do have lots of places to store my supplies. The summer heat has set in and I haven't been motivated to get organized again.

While I was cleaning and brainstorming about my business and trying to survive financially without a real job~I started my baking again. Since my divorce many years ago, I haven't really been baking a lot. The holidays were always very festive and the entire house was decorated. My famous decorated cookies were also a huge hit! So, I decided to start my cookies again...however, upon looking and still needing to unpack my boxes from moving~the cookie cutters aren't in my house. Therefore, I have to buy cookie cutters all over again..yikes!! My mission began with a princess crown cutter~because I am fascinated with crowns and royalty. I added a new recipe with snickers candy bars~already gotten several orders also. And the buttermilk pie was a success too~Devin had 2 pieces the first night.

I also managed to make 2 necklaces, 8 bracelets and some baby bows and headbands...told you I was busy! Oh, and all the school shopping also wore me out.

Saturdays' Athens Farmers' Market was slow again this week..the heat is really hurting the market. I got sick right after I got home and was sick until late Sunday evening~heat exhaustion, I suppose. This week will be slower for me~decided I did too much last week and need to rest a bit.

Take care!!

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