Saturday, July 3, 2010

My new location

I tried so hard to get to Mesquite yesterday to set up my booth before the Holiday weekend~barely made it to The Antique Gallery of Mesquite. It rained for most of the way there (from Athens), and just as we got inside with the bucket of pink paint and brush~the rain followed us.

Half way through painting (and boy was it humid inside)....the paint dried too fast and began to clump. Oh boy!! Did I ever pick a bad day to move my stuff~a flood came outside. Thank goodness I packed my goodies in boxes and nothing got ruined!!

I managed to get what I could into the booth....with the excitement of moving in and the hectic house with all the kids~I still have more stuff to stock in my spot!! Anway, that can wait for next week!! I simply wanted to get something into the booth as I promised to everyone...check out what I have so far....Like I said, more to come after the July 4th weekend.

Happy, safe 4th to everyone!!


Again, the Antique Gallery is located at:
3330 N Galloway Mesquite TX
(formerly the Dusty Attic)

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