Saturday, December 5, 2009

December Canton Trade Days

I am set up just outside the Arbors (near the red brick restrooms), row 34 , booth 377. As usual look for the tan booth with the hot pink tulle hanging in the front.  I debated upon going yesterday, it was cold!! And the outside customers didn't venture much into the outside vendor area.  Too bad...that's where the better deals are folks!!

I made some new friends (new vendors) and am going to stick it out (even though it's cold).  Stop by and see the new domino pendants and new for this month~POKER CHIP PENDANTS.  Some are designed with your initial, others are just plain cute and some even have precious stones hanging off of them~they are truly unique!! And too bad for those who missed them, they won't be around for long!!

Grabbing some hot cocoa~and out the door!! Happy Holidays!!


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