Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thanksgiving Week

It's sad to say that I am bored already!!! My kiddo's are gone with their fathers' house for the holiday week.  Yesterday, I purchased some new materials and spent hours designing new bracelets. They turned out so cute!!!

I also have been working on more dominoes...they are very popular.  As always, I dare to be different and it shows in my work.  The greatest compliment is that I am so talented, because I design ALL of my products.  I am the hand~made queen!!! My goal is to have another store someday, but I need help getting there.  Being a single mom is a job in itself.

This week will be dedicated to getting my items together for First Monday on Dec. 3rd-6th. Oh, there is so much to do!! I have so many knitted hats to decorate~it's not even funny!!! I could open a store with just hats and scarves!! Really....Craft stuff has taken over my house. Speaking of my house...time to plan an open house sale for December also.

Until I get my jewelry done...I have posted some pics of the hats I just completed.

Toodles for tonight!!


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