Saturday, November 28, 2009

Black Friday 2009

Did you survive yesterday's Black Friday?? Well, ours started out slowly.  My mom and I spent the night at my sisters' home in to bed early to get a jump start on those sales.  But, the morning didn't go as planned.  My mother was very ill with a migraine and had to be taken home so that my dad could take her to the E.R.  My sister and I proceeded with our shopping and checked in periodically to see how what the Dr's concluded.

We scored what was left of the $2.00 video's at Walmart and the cute Twilight hoodies that were $ 7.00 each..We love the Twilight Saga!! Then it was time for Target...electronics were scarce and the sale movies were history. But, we did manage to pick up some items there~can't reveal in case my kiddo's are snooping around on mom's blog.  Best Buy was next on our tour...the sale movies (again) are gone!! Which explains why people camped out on the doorsteps the night before. Movies looked like a big hit yesterday!! T.V.s were still there, but the home theatre stuff shelves were empty. Which is what I was looking for...Santa came early for us!!! Kids will be surprised when they get home tomorrow night!! Next stop was Kirklands...that was a huge mistake!! I wanted everything for myself, but I did score some bargains for someone...

We seriously wanted to sneak off and see New Moon, but the teen girls are waiting on it's back to the house for lunch and pick up. Now, it's time for Sheplers...gotta get those Miss Me jeans!! Can you believe that they had less than 10 pairs~the biggest shopping day of the year and they have peanuts to chose from!!!! The only bargain I found was a $120.00 t-shirt...loaded with swarvoski crystals for $9.99.  What a deal!! Hello Cavenders's here we come.  They had tons of Miss Me jeans and their clearance shirts were marked down cheap, then 50% off of that!! Again, we loaded up!!

And we decided to be really brave and hit the mall~well didn't see anything there and the lines were too long. So, we left to hit some specialty boutiques and I found the cutest purse for my daughter and any Longhorn fan out there.  This was my fav find for the day!! How was your shopping experience?

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