Thursday, October 29, 2009

Backyard needs some decorating...

I haven't had too much extra time to do much of anything besides unpack, organize, hunt for lost items in boxes..oh, and the list for the totally lost.  My house is really cute, and can't wait to get started tweaking it to my style.  The people who owned it before me loved wallpaper, so in the meantime I will have to make due with the "blue" in the kitchen, breakfast room and living room. I especially love my house because it's just perfectly sized..not too big, nor too small to clean real quickly.

I have ventured to some of the local shops to see what I can do to decorate my backyard.  I have furnishings for the inside, but nada for outside. The backyard is really good sized and manicured just perfectly~but, there is no color right now.  All along the fence line there used to be beautiful gardens last Spring and I can't wait to get started next season.  Time to break out the decorating books!! Can anyone give some ideas? I don't think I will do anything until after the Holidays, but for me it takes a long time to decide what I want!!

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