Thursday, December 4, 2008

"Cool" hand~made domino necklaces

The ever popular domino bracelets are a huge hit...I have been busy creating my own designs for the past few weeks. Everytime I have a new one, it sells before I can even snap a picture of it to share with you guys!! I promise to take a picture after each one embellished.

They are all used with various materials...some papers, stickers (all acid free, of course!), rub-ons, stamps...never know what I will come up with next. The best way to be updated is to view my goodies on my website. I am busy adding items everyday...making about 5-7 pieces per day...

Each one is unique and no 2 are alike!!! I have designs with: angels, initials, wings, princess crowns, longhorns, crosses, names, cute wording, peace signs...well you get the picture. Whatever is what you will find here.

~Toodles...4 now~

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